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avs4you.comreviews 67

This website is completely full of crap!
["OH YEAH IT'S "FREE"] [We're just gonna tick people off and say it's "FREE" and then *RUBS HANDS TOGETHER* when they install the stuff; THEY HAVE TO BUY IT! THAT MEANS WE JUST TAKE UP THEIR DANE SPACE ON THEIR COMPUTER AND MAKE IT LAG AND MAKE THEM PAY MONEY FOR OUR "FREE" SOFTWARE!!] That is what these people are like =]


Offers fake "free" trials. You must pay to use their software.


The site may good but!!! Everything is free if you buy it. They promote everything as free, when you download and install it cost money!


It is not clear that you have to sign for an abo. Lots of FREE talk, but not free.

ДевидThu Jan 15 1970

I don't know on which site
neilthecellist has been!
they offer FRE software, not a trail! in big letters!
and after the download wanted a lot of money.


Link from Combined Community Codec Pack –
This is not CCCP this is a FRAUD!
MPAA is getting sneaky.

AndreBrunetThu Jan 15 1970

Offers fake "free" trials. You must pay to use their software.

WOT Firefox Add-on UserThu Jan 15 1970

Avoid ! Not free software ! They present their software in a manor that you may think it's freeware, no mention of prices or anything, but after installation you'll get directed to their website to find out you need to pay for it. Next to that their installer will also install several other programs on your harddrive without asking your permission. Avoid !

SwitchbladeThu Jan 15 1970

IT'S NOT FREE! Avoid these guys if you are looking for free software. You are left with the impression that their products are freeware.
They don't tell you that the software is crippled until after you have already installed it. A waste of valuable time. You can get any functionality their software has from some other freeware product. Try the free converter "Super" for media conversion.

hollowichigo34566Thu Jan 15 1970

Just a big waste of time , a lot of products it said is free are not. Do not waste your time on this site.


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