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Freddie_UranusFri Jan 16 1970
A website used to view Team Fortress 2 (a popular FPS game) player's backpacks. Totally safe.
It is a website used to see TF2 backpacks and prices of items.
astradamusFri Jan 16 1970
Good TF2 site.
Useful site aiding int the valuing and trading of TF2 items.
aksl_abrahamSat Jan 17 1970
wow....very good trading tf2 site
nepnep0210Sun Jan 18 1970
Great trading website! You can check how much an item or even your entire profile is worth. This website also has a trust system to reduce the platform scammers have.
TheGamesGamerSun Jan 18 1970
Website for trading TF2 Items and viewing other user's backpacks. Very safe website, no popups and no viruses.

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