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Reliable online banking.
Website works well never had problems logging in or transferring money,
Excellent website, no problems at all
If you are about to open an account in the UK, choose another bank. I was living in the UK and the best bank for Business purposes is Natwest (cannot tell you the exact reason but I meet few business directors and they were with natwest) . Lloyds bank is very good too but still not having many branches as Natwest or Barclays. Lloyds internet banking and telephone banking is outstanding though and the customer service is so worth it. Avoid Barclays, honestly. I was with Barclays for a couple of years and they gave me so many headaches. I was misinformed so many times. Example, once I had to go to the bank 4 times in order to upgrade my account because the staff at the branch were useless. I was travelling for 3 months around South America and lost my wallet with all my cards and they could not gave me a solution in order for me to access my money. They kept saying to my in the phone that they could only send the new card to my home address and I kept saying, "How can I get my card if I am on holidays abroad?" it was like talking to a computer (at that time I was really furious, honestly. Imagine that I was on my own!) . I had to ask my friends for money. So, this is just a few experiences that I had with this bank. AVOID THIS BANK
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
Politically motivated / misleading customers by acting as if they are online security experts. EG - a 'padlock' by a site URL does not guarantee an online store is genuine. Even the most stupid online scammers know how to acquire free SSLs. Their free Digital Champion course is a joke, and more like a big advertisement for corporate products etc. As for axing Kaspersky for new customers, I would trust Kaspersky as an AV much more than I would trust Barclays with my finances. See
Excellent bank
Made 6 Billion in 2011 but still needs to offshore more. More redundancies are on the way for the UK staff, meanwhile new centres are opened up overseas :-( See ZDNET 13-Jan-2012 Please consider using another bank.
supereb bank.
Been using this site for a few years, 100% safe as far as im concerned.
Its a banking website so expect it to be secure as hell :P

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