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Hi, I am a selfpublishing author and found out that this website is offering illegal download of my books through the website So this site is breeching copyright content and stealing from people.
ann.lofipoSun Jan 18 1970
never heard of basilplay until money started going missing from bank accounts, theives!!!!
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
Online Game scam. Owners promote their sites with spam links on compromised websites.
Betrug Es besteht die Gefahr des Identitätsdiebstahls/ Kreditkartenmissbrauchs. Keine Daten eingeben! Scam This site carries the risk of identity theft/ credit card abuse. Don´t enter any data.
Online game scam site. basilplay will try to bug your PC and still from you. Stay away! yet again another phishing/scam site.. i have found so many different sites with the exact same layout all phishing, all trying to steal info and bug your PC online gaming? really? this site is a huge scam, it wants to steal yourr important data and use it against you, some people fall for these sites.. they are like fly traps
Asks for email, then credit card details for pdf download. Clearly a phishing site.

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