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Download BearShare and get over 20 MILLION songs, videos and MP3s – all LEGAL and FREE! Find your favorite artists, listen to DJ stations, sync with your iPod and much more

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unregistered90Thu Jan 15 1970

The "real" bearshare was bought 2006 by the RIAA! Now it's an Spyware and Adware tool!
More infos on wikipedia 😉

Also contain phishing, spyware and adware

Bad site!

Bearshare makes you have adware if you decide to download it.

AnonymousSpecialThu Jan 15 1970

Contains all sorts of nasty software

firefoxrocksThu Jan 15 1970

This Program contains adware and spyware . Use a more safer P2P program like Limewire

Blacklisted on

Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970

Never trust a P2P or Warez client program! Instead, try buying the stuff fairly and you won't risk getting viruses/adware/spyware/rootkits in the packaging (or at least, it would be more difficult for it to happen).

evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

See here:

you can find almost any song on bearshare.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Malware or viruses


32 / 100

Child Safety

21 / 100