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pseudoscience, aliens, and new age woo-woo (see their "mission statement")
A treasure trove of idiocy. Everything that is unscientific, from Indigo Children to Expanding Earth is contained herein. Read only for amusement, not for learning.
Length, supposedly eyewitness accounts of mk'd individuals and psychiatric professionals who have encountered them. Some may find the events described therein utterly ludicrous and I have as well, until I began to notice some subtle, some not so much, hinting at various mind control phenomena in various entertainment. Many examples were far too specific to be coincidental so I dug a bit further. A recent example was the monarch butterfly conjured up by a killer in the CIS:NY episode "Sleight of Hand" as he relays to the detectives info pertaining to the murder. The victim was murdered b/c she had "betrayed" the killer which in mind control can mean that her mind control programming had begun to weaken and she was starting to remember, making her a liability. Of course, just like in the real world, the murder of one mk'd individual is perpetrated by another. The violence was patronizingly explained as being due to the killer's "fetal alcohol syndrome"; a specific event was even even pointed out as "typical" of someone with the condition. To the uninformed viewer this may raise no red flags but it is misleading bullshit nonetheless, no different from the other "neat" dismissals given for RL mk victims' demises. url:
Cancer is not a fungus.  This is not a reliable site and its claims are extraordinarily misleading.
Homeopathic Doctor is equivalent to Quack. Homeopaths believe in a made up theory which has been shown many times by careful scientific studies to be totally useless. This guy is certifiable. There is no forcible vaccination campaign, even though it might be useful to eliminate polio in some areas. Please, for your own sanity and health, ignore this moron.
hatemongering conquistadors...
Good collection of research information on ancient civilization. You can find the citation sources if you look for them. Good site.
Content almost entirely fabricated or confused.
Sitio re-evolucionario!!
There is pertinent and valuable information on this page for those interested in the Sun Streak Program.
There is nothing to register for on this page, it has been falsely flagged.

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