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This site is engaged in a scam operation where fake online streaming content and trial service is offered as a means of luring credit information from the unsuspecting. Never, ever give out credit information unless you are making an actual purchase of goods.
Bensonboss1899Sat Jan 17 1970
It asks for credit card number even though it dosen't charge you money
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
Streaming Scam promoted via forum spam and links on compromised websites. Do not provide any info to this site.
Betrug Es besteht die Gefahr des Identitätsdiebstahls/ Kreditkartenmissbrauchs. Keine Daten eingeben! Scam This site carries the risk of identity theft/ credit card abuse. Don´t enter any data.
IHateScammersSun Jan 18 1970
I was not the one effected by this scam, but my sister was. She didn't know any better and didn't want to use her credit card, so she purchased a Prepaid Visa. We didn't know she would do this. She entered all the info but used a fake address because she was weary of this website. None of the things were accepted and a month later she asked me why there was 30 dollars missing from her prepaid visa. We checked the purchase history and boom. One transaction from biker play for 25 dollars and another for 5 dollars. Whatever you do, NEVER EVER put ANY credentials online unless you are purchasing from a REPUTABLE buyer. If something says "Free Gift Card! No money required! Just enter your address and your credit card and get free gift cards!", DO NOT PROCEED. THEY COULD BE DOING ILEGAL FRAUD OR MAY FIND YOU. None of the "Free Movies/other! Just enter your credit card!" are real. One last time, DO. NOT. GO. TO. BIKERPLAY.COM. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T GO THERE.
david.friedmann.deSun Jan 18 1970
Pure phishing and scam. Asked for credit card with disclaimer they will only verify location but won't charge. I provided virtual prepaid VISA with 1 usd on it, and they automatically took 1 usd. I don't care about 1 usd LOL - but the site is pure scam. That's it. All they wanted is CC number.
rpratt1978Sun Jan 18 1970
Bikerplay is utterly rubbish. Beware! I have just had to cancel my bank card because Bikerplay withdrew money from my account even though it clearly states on its website that IT WILL NOT WITHDRAW MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT!! I am now with out a bank card for a week so thanks BIkerplay.

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