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Clean site managed by friendly people.
Virtual Currency; great idea
I trust and use it everyday.
davo247365Fri Jan 16 1970
excellent site for staying up to date
Bitcoin will shake the economy an bring big banks to their knees.
mariusichaFri Jan 16 1970
Good website.
abhilashkrishnFri Jan 16 1970
Good site.
Первая реальная криптовалюта.
I've been using Bitcoin since 1/2011, and I've never had any problems. It's a great concept which, in my opinion, facilitates money transfer between individuals.
MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970
Virtual currency worth more than the US Dollar :) Great idea, open source so you know its good. No money hungry Govts after your cash. It takes too long to earn free BTC's on free coin websites payout are 0.00005 BTC which is fuck all. Sad I earn better rewards using $3-$4 per 10 min survey. Only good if you have loads of cash to buy BTC, the reward programs suck shit!!! (Note not this site,but it is the reason all the free BTC free sites exist.

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