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I lost a lot of money, my investment worth £6,000000 was lost. Things were hard for me then I read about frankfundsrecovery so I decided to give him a trial. After a brief explanation, he was able to get back my lost assistance . surprised with the huge sum I made as a profit. Thanks Frank for your assistance. Connect with Frank. you can contact him through his personal email via (
Bitcoin is a good and most important cryptocurrency, followed by all other coins
I agree 100% with the below bad reviews. Beware from this Company!!!! Do not believe to any of the 5 star reviews because they were probably written by them in order to SCAM other people. I lost an incredible amount of money in one month to this company, they keep giving me silly excuses on how their hands where tied and cant do anything, thanks to dorcaster plc amazing team, they help me filed a complaint against them and i got all my money back in less than a week. They help me recovered all my lost money back from this company.
This is an official bitcoin site If you have been scammed recently report to ***** and recover funds act fast before your money is permanently lost.
Майнинг, криптовалюта, - мировой лохотрон
Я вложился в эту криптовалюту, так как уверен, что за ней будущее. Доход непременно будет. Я проанализировал данные интернета и понял, что, вложив свои средства в эту криптовалюту, в будущем смогу иметь достойный пассивный доход. Надеюсь, что курс будет расти
Официальный сайт Биткоина. Можно скачать проверенные кошельки и зарегистрировать номера счетов.
Хороший официальный веб сайт! 0% скама
bitcoin is a pure scam!!!
Site claims to be informative & neutral while being highly biased, promoting their own projects. For example: Zero mention of Coinbase and Bitpay - some of the biggest Bitcoin businesses in the world ideal for newcomers. Some of the linked projects have changed a lot over the years, are dead or scams now. Be careful when following any links there!
It's the trusted official website for Bitcoin.
I downloaded this wallet thinking it would be safe and it made 11 duplicates of each file on my computer. It also made my computer so that I am unable to delete any of these duplicates. NEVER download anything from this site.
This is a trustworthy impartial non-commercial website. Use it, but with caution as many sites it links to have changed a lot.
Great source of information on Bitcoin for newcomers and experienced "Bitcoiners" alike. Highly recommended and safe.
this is the official bitcoin website.
Original Bitcoin website that was created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself.
Bitcoin is the money of future. And this site is the original site since 2009.
Helpful was great several years ago, yet it has been hijacked by an infamous fraudster called 'Theymos'. So becomes an anti-Bitcoin site. Many people reported that they lost money due to the malware spread by I have been a supporter of Bitcoin since 2010, and I encourage everyone to beware of this shady site.
SCAM SITE BEWARE! ***** is working with Blockstream to hijack Bitcoin and turn it into a settlement layer. They have completely changed it by subverting development and adding stupid stuff to make Blockstream profitable. Stay away from this monstrosity or get scammed out of your money forever!

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