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bookbub.comreviews 3
kleonard23Sat Jan 17 1970

This is a great site to get heads up on ebook deals. For children just watch the books they download, some can have adult content. The great thing about this site is you can choose the types of books you want, so create a profile just for your kids.

retired2165Fri Jan 16 1970

I've been getting a lot of free books from here. Granted, some are the first in a series but you don't have to download it- your choice! Cookbooks, fitness, romance, everything! I love it. I did not sign up for the emails because I already have too many but I just check the web site each day. Well worth it- check it out!

cantdrive85Sun Jan 18 1970

Do not trust!

They plant a lot of reviews, too. They just lie constantly about everything. "Free eBooks!" They're not. "No spam". Wrong. "Discount!" Not. And doesn't that admit 'not free???' They can't even lie consistently. "Never arrives, no refund". At least one of those things is reported by EVERY one that uses them. But they think that people are gullible enough that they can plant a dozen reviews that say, "Great site! I love it. Great deals" that people will believe what they hope to be true instead of realizing that mentions some horrible problem.

Is anyone that gullible? The site says "free eBooks", they make unauthorized charges to credit cards and someone ACTUALLY posts, "Great deal!". Could that ever happen? They think you're dumb enough to believe it does.


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