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botcrawl.comreviews 26

Ran the site through Sucuri, just to be sure, because it's a WordPress site and WordPress has had some sites compromised lately. The site appears to be using the latest version (3.4), and Sucuri rates it Clean.

The content is unobjectionable; the malware-removal advice is basic but sound. My only quibble is that the site links to downloads of Malwarebytes Pro, without giving an option of installing the free version of Malwarebytes instead.

evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

Security related information and tips to remove malware. Safe website.


Site owner currently banned for creating multiple accounts to manipulate domain reputation; owner comment replies have been removed [violation of Terms]

Site owner accusing WOT of being a scam (yet holds a 1 month free trial for the Trust Seal – see above image)
the original page has been removed from his blog, yet currently remains cached in Google:

the image in that cached page points to:

Images to display evidence if/when Google cache returns "not found"

Though there is no malicious content on the site; it even provides factual, yet basic, advice, I can not trust a user who creates spam accounts, nor can I proffer trustworthy ratings on his domain.

* Domain:
* IP:

IamramboneFri Jan 16 1970

I am a real person please do not erase this comment.

This website is not unethical. It's the most popular malware removal tutorial website on the internet, with having said that, they will always attract spam and competitors will make false statements about them.

Yesterday their trust was at 93, then they wrote an article describing how untrustworthy mywot is…. now their rank is at 66. In ONE day!

Sometimes the truth has it's consequences and unfortunately for them their reputation has been improperly represented on mywot.

That's the truth, most people already know this.

Once again, I am a real person, do not erase my comment. Not a fake account like other comments claim.

SuperHero58Fri Jan 16 1970

Just simply lies =
I am not a bot or many people under one account
Why don't you tell them about the mass rating tool

ForSaferInternetFri Jan 16 1970

I agree with SuperHer58,

botcrawl tries to play dirty competition game and slanders competitors. That is very unprofessional and unethical.
As someone mention site owner currently banned for creating multiple accounts to manipulate domain reputation in mywot, the same situation is in alexa.. A lot of fake account reporting competitors sites as bad… Copy-paste bad comments from his dashboard and write to competitors… Even create names like bleepingcomputer and etc.. And do the same black work..

dstricknerFri Jan 16 1970

Plays the slander game to promote his own site, and claim competition is bad. I would generally avoid using his tutorials, based on how unprofessional he appears to be on the net.


States that MyWot is untrustworthy. One of the articles in this website:

"Facebook Executives Call MYWOT Untrustworthy – Web of Trust (MYWOT.COM) A Haven For Cyber Criminals"


I found this website listed on AboutUs, a trustworthy site. Upon navigating to the site, I was puzzled that none of the links warning of various viruses linked to other sources e.g. Symantec, Sucuri, FBI, Microsoft virus databases, as is customary with anti-malware sites, but instead were all internal links to botcrawl itself. I also noticed that the links to MalwareBytes, an excellent tool, all included affiliate tags to the paid version, not the free version, which is atypical for a legitimate security website. There is always a link to the free version of MalwareBytes. No other problems experienced based on my first-hand experience.


Good website for removing malware, viruses, and reading about scams.


Safety Rating Breakdown


ScamMisleading or unethical


30 / 100

Child Safety

49 / 100