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botcrawl.comreviews 26
cowgomooo12Fri Jan 16 1970

States that MyWot is untrustworthy. One of the articles in this website:

"Facebook Executives Call MYWOT Untrustworthy – Web of Trust (MYWOT.COM) A Haven For Cyber Criminals"

weegee2899Fri Jan 16 1970

They call torch browser a virus 🙁 its not….


Claims trustworthy products as being malicious.

Uses scare tactics, causing FUD.

While the site appears to be free of malicious items at the point of writing, avoid all 'advice' provided!

linuxisbetter93Sat Jan 17 1970

After going to the site, running clamAV on my linux mint 15 found 3 viruses. JS/Blackhole, / and 2 trojans. I know for a fact the malware came from this site, because it wasnt on my system before i went on this site

ScreamingMonkeySat Jan 17 1970

Showed me how to get rid of the ANNOYING Kontera Ads that appear on many sites.

zirukurt01Sat Jan 17 1970

The owner of the website declared war against WOT? WOW!

The Puzzling CentaurSat Jan 17 1970

Well known WoT employees like SuperHero58 bullied this site in order to force it to delete every criticism of WoT and that is completely unethical and disgusting.
Someone wrote a negative review about WOT, and called it untrustworthy. And in the end, WoT fanatics themselves proved the point by acting completely immature and abused their own system. And when WoT employees abuse WoT themselves, then you have a perfect proof that WoT is not always reliable. WoT has been often called a giant scam and not without justification. This wasn't the only side that suffered because of WoT personal agenda….


Bewusste und gezielte Falschinformationen!

Diese Seite publiziert bewusst Falschmeldungen, unter anderem mit Zielen wie Desinformation, Aufstachelung gegen Gruppen/ Völker, Betrug, Hass, Beeinflussung Leichtgläubiger

Elex_BrasilSat Jan 17 1970

This site slanders us everywhere, perhaps because we involve in a kind of competition with them. The same comments and words on different forums really confuse us. When we try to contact the site owner on their forum, they banned our IP. However, the slanderous words on various communities and forums seemed to be endless. They also tampered the Wikipedia articles of competitors and added the link of their sites. In my opinion, their actions are improper.


This person has misleading comments concerning the Torch Browser he is confusing it with[ Topic Torch toolbar ]a different product Torch Browser is safe if used correctly just like any other Browser it does not contain spyware or malware , if you use Torrents then you can have a problem with any Browser, it comes up clean with SuperAntispware and malwarebytes even when you enable search for PUP , and PUM in scan settings, also EST online Torch comes up clean also Trend-Micro the list goes on
including Bit-Defender I now see that he has removed my comments i left on his site and banned my IP why because he knows the advice he gives is wrong he replaced my comments with a comment from someone called Elizabeth stating the Torch browser is bad, I left this comment by using a proxy he will remove it people should not take advice from this person this is the comment i left on his site below

I see you have removed my comments Torch browser contains no spyware ect ,your ego is bigger than your knowledge , you should not be trying to get people to remove legit software , you are wrong you talk a load of crap ,scan with malwarebytes or superantispyware and EST Hijack-this no problems found the problem is you your WOT reputation is bad because your advice is wrong, you are confusing the Torch browser with the Topic Torch Toolbar.
Topic Torch toolbar different software different company now you can remove this and you can post as Elizabeth to make yourself look good but you know as I do you are only out to promote yourself with bad advice.
I used a proxy to re access his site to put the comment in it will be removed ,he is not to be Trusted on advice concerning the Torch browser.


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