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Bot Revolt stops hackers and botnets from stealing your data. More powerful than a firewall, Bot Revolt blocks over 1 Billion malicious IPs.

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botrevolt.comreviews 5
victorh2007Fri Jan 16 1970

Bot Revolt is the developer of the excellent Bot Revolt software. It is a very safe site.


Scam, useless, and ethical.

Today, 25-oct-2013 they run a giveaway where they offer a 12 months subscription to Bot Revolt 1.4.2. (on the giveawayoftheday page they promote as Bot Revolt 1.4.3 license – never mind about that.)

You apply for this pice of shit and recevie a: Here is your unique license key that is valid for 6 months. WTF?!?!? Since when a full year has 6 months?!?!?!

Contacted them am recieved this answer: "the Developer offers 6-month subscription via GOTD, but you can buy a 1-year license at a discount."

Very professionally and "smart" way to collect some users private data on page without httpS! Stay way from this type of company and that type of software!

That counter with the so-called blocked IP addresses is just a simple script adding a figure every tenth of a second or so.

//this runs on the page load to intialize the counters
jQuery( document ).ready( function($) {
number:1180084306, formatNumberOptions:

P.S. – Bot Revolt is a type of scam/exploit program that lives way down deep inside the networking code on your computer and it will be a pain in the ass to remove it and clean the registry from any left overs junks.


Incidentally, and in answer to another question posed, Bot Revolt will operate alongside a third party firewall if you have one installed. It will not however coexist on the same system with Peer Block because they share the same code.

may be all you get is Free Peer Block and a firewall don't know if good or bad ? one Firewall is good 2 ? not so good

BitDefender Phishing site
CLEAN MX Phishing site
ESET Phishing site
Fortinet Phishing site
G-Data Phishing site


The site is listed on the site PhishTank, which should be a warning to all visitors.
There is a reasonable risk of identity theft, phishing, or other types of fraud.
Witryna jest notowana w serwisie PhishTank, co powinno stanowić ostrzeżenie dla wszystkich odwiedzających.
Istnieje uzasadniona obawa o kradzież tożsamości, wyłudzenia danych, lub innego typu oszustwa.


I think Botrevolt is a decent software until you have uninstalled it. The problem begins after unstalltion leaving some unwanted leftovers that will completely annoy you. Here is an example of an issue that I and some people had.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


82 / 100

Child Safety

89 / 100