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Potentially malware content
I recently got this popup on a website that keeps trying to redirect to a URL. However, the redirection is not to the URL it appears, it redirects to a malware domain and tries to get you to install a "flash update" or browser "update" which is undoubtedly malware. It also has now installed some plugin and keeps periodically attempting to get me to install it. Just removed my browser and all of the library files and reinstalled after a clean reboot. No more odd redirects. Be wary of any site that tells you your software is out of date and takes you to a site. Best practice is to force quit the browser session and go directly to the software site and verify/download the most recent version. To not do this step is just asking for malware.
This one seems like a good idea and ultimately can lead to all kinds of trouble.. In THEORY everyone should run an updated browser. In REALITY it isn't that simple. Newer isn't always better and many of the best browsers(namely PaleMoon) don't engage in version number inflation. Many big name browsers(ie: Chrome, Failfox) label even the most minor .01 update a major new release to essentially fool people into thinking that they are on the leading edge.. Then what happens is when people run an honest browser(ie: PaleMoon) the dumb version number check thinks that it is old. When push comes to shove in tech the advice to ALWAYS update is dead wrong. One should update MOST of the time and only after checking to see if the update is any good. Then add in other complaints found in other ratings( some may need translating) and this one is getting a light-red and getting blocked.
At first it may look suspicious (why would someone need to have some website update their browser, don't modern browsers have update functionality built-in?) but it seems to be a genuine site built by an organization that supports Internet security. When the user clicks to update, it really does take them to the legitimate (official) browser site.
Datenbank werden schlecht gehalten, also ich nutzte ein Chromium Custom Build der aktueller ist den man bekommt und der sei angeblich nicht aktuell. (Stable Release) Chrome ***** zur der Zeit ich hab aber Chrome ***** Tag
Nähere Informationen über die Seite, sowie der Firma sind nicht erkennbar. Das Impressum fehlt.
What the website says and does actually: "This service is an opportunity to inform your visitors unobtrusively to switch to a newer browser." "Many internet users are still using very old, out-dated browsers – most of them for no actual reason. Switching to a newer browser is better for them and for you as a web-designer." While the service is useful and improves computer security and awareness it is far from being perfect or complete. I would recommend it to users and will enable this by default on client computers, however I do not need it myself... does not have to be enabled to view or use any sites that is using it. uses counters from ***** *****
The website says, "This service is an opportunity to inform your visitors unobtrusively to switch to a newer browser." Apparently it serves scripts to client websites. This is not a website suitable for children.
Safe website, use it in my website :)
Was hat : Registrant Name:Thomas Huemmer Registrant Street1:Oberer Stocketweg 7 Registrant City:Herrsching Registrant Postal 82211 Registrant Country:DE Registrant Phone:+49.8152399494 Registrant FAX:+49.8152909411 Registrant ***** AUF MEINEM RECHNER ZU SUCHEN ?
Gut gemeint, aber wer meinen frisch heruntergeladenen nagelneuen Seamonkey-Browser al veraltete Software abtut und diesen Blödsinn auch noch per Script über viele andere Seiten verbreitet, hat keine gute Wertung verdient. Gut, dass mein unkomfortabler Browser die Anzeieg solchen Unsinns mit einem Mausklick unterbindet.
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