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ScorpianviperFri Jan 16 1970
Great Site for minecraft. It has plugins, servers, and even more, + great service!
Minecraft software - SAFE
Good site and a great server software for Minecraft.
Freddie_UranusFri Jan 16 1970
Bukkit's (a program used to create Minecraft servers) homepage. Totally safe. Be aware of the links that users may leave on the comments of the posts.
Safe site, Minecraft plugin or console for Multiplayer. Completely safe.
KillingPigs123Sat Jan 17 1970
It's very good for you (if you're a programmer) to upload your minecraft plugins, and if you're looking for plugins, this site is for you and your minecraft server.
Good soft for adding plugins to Minecraft servers, but that is now down due to legal reasons... Good bye bukkit :(

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