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The Burzynski Clinic is a unique organization providing a wide variety of advanced alternative cancer treatments.

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burzynskiclinic.comreviews 83
PsychomusicanaFri Jan 16 1970

I return to say that I have learned that there are people out there who are self-appointed "vigilantes," protecting us valiantly from the threat of being informed by the people they call quacks, and it seems they themselves give off a scent of quackery, playing right into the hands of the FDA, who are clearly corrupt and misinformed, and conduct smear campaigns, maligning and slandering those whose discoveries have no remunerative possibilities.

The warnings are undocumented. The data on Burzynski's sites ARE documented. The FDA uses ridicule and slander to squash even a simple scientific investigation. Burzynski has managed to conduct clinical trials with their approval, and they have sabotaged, ridiculed and defamed him,and killed patients trying to co-opt his treatments.

NO ONE has all the answers, but no one should try to prevent the dissemination of new ideas to the public.

I deeply resent the abuse of WOT for the promotion of self-serving agendas.


check the following stories about the behaviour of the "clinic"

PsychomusicanaFri Jan 16 1970

Dr Burzynski is very controversial. I have done quite a bit of research, and because I lack the time to refute some of the charges made here, I can only refer you, as did another person rating the site, to the documentary. While it's true that since that movie was made there are is a less deadly chemotherapy for brain cancer, I am quite convinced that if there is any scamming going on, it is by the mainstream cancer treatment industry, which makes obscene amounts of money on patients who die and in most cases of the type Burzynski deals with, his stats for remission are better.

He is supported by Drs. Mercola and Whitaker, both alternative doctors with excellent reputations. It is also a great comfort to know how often the FDA tries to take him down, always without success, and never have they challenged the efficacy of his treatment, nor have they accused him of any sort of fraud. I met the daughter of an emplyee at the clinic and she had only good things to say about what goes on there.

Myself I don't give a damn about his credentials, as I know quite well how poorly our physicians are trained in many ways. I do not think it is correct to damn this site for what the clinic does. We are supposed to be rating a web site, not the clinic or the treatment, and no one bothers to quote the very poor statistics of traditional chemo and radiation in all but a few cases. I do not think WOT is a place to support or malign what is Burzynski, his treatment or his credentials. If the FDA has no case against him it seems that there is not much wrong with a site used to inform people of what he does. As for the cost, it is clear that Burzynski is haening toe deffray the cost of defending himself against contuous harassment by the FDA. I am always encouraged by this.


Instead of relying "lippards"twaza' and everyone's claims of fraud or ethical abuse you all should watch the Buryzynski documentary BEFORE you take their word for it. look at what the FDA, Texas medical board and NCI (National Cancer Institute) has tried to do to this doctor and his patients. He has cured children and adults of cancers their own doctors said were untreatable. Go to for more info and watch the movie. Let the facts presented educate you all.


Before making a judgment, go to Watch the documentary film there, see the patient testimonials – contact the patients he treated! (can also watch the film on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon etc)

On watching the film, you will see why the treatment would be so expensive (while watching the film and think about all the legal fees etc).

I have no connection to Burzynski or his treatment. But everyone should see that film and do further research before forming any kind of opinion.

Note, also, that some comments discuss that people getting treatment from Burzynski die. Know that the types of cancers he typically treats are very serious (eg brain cancer in kids) and have mostly an extremely low (some types 0%) survival rate, even with chemo /conventional treatment. Some of the cancer patients are told by their medical drs/oncologists they have NO treatment options at all & are sent home to die, but choose to try Burzynski's treatment instead of nothing.

So while the rate of success of the antineoplastin therapy is not very high for some types of cancer, it is well above ANY conventional treatment.
(you'll see more on this after learning at the conclusion of that film what the US govt really thinks of the antineoplastin therapy)

see also


A terrible company that exploits the dying to make money. Awful fraud.

jongrenobleFri Jan 16 1970

According Cancer Research UK, this is one to be avoided.

AusGrouchoFri Jan 16 1970

Offers an unproven and basically unbelievable "therapy" for cancer in children. Exploits the parents of sick kids and charges exorbitant fees for so-called "trials" that should be free to participate.


Burzynski has been prosecuted for fraud (see for a conviction upheld by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals) on multiple occasions (see the Houston Press The Burzynski Research Institute's Institutional Review Board has received warnings from the FDA:

JohnDaily15Fri Jan 16 1970

Partner is a patient of the clinic with FANTASTIC RESULTS.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Alternative medicineMisleading or unethical


18 / 100

Child Safety

20 / 100