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victorh2007Fri Jan 16 1970

That is a phishing site. You'd better stay away from it.

Has anyone gotten paid from them????

Promotes one or more fraudulent "easy money" schemes which typically cannibalize the resources of their own new members as well as legitimate businesses through obscure, distributed networks of like-minded affiliates, straw men, and human or robotic zombie operators.

Commonly, these schemes periodically reorganize under an alleged "crisis" after exhausting downstream members' resources. Because the pervasity of these schemes generally degrades the Internet's quality of information and resources, everyone loses.

This site specifically promotes a "Paid-To-Click" click fraud scheme which employs distributed zombie click spamming to artificially inflate affiliates' page rank and/or to drain competitors' pay-per-click advertising funds, a subject of successful lawsuits.

Usually these web sites pose no immediate technical threat to visitors' computers. Details:

Did not pay to anyone never . THiS iS sCam

deathswalkThu Jan 15 1970

No site would pay you per click. NO advertiser is willing to pay thousands just for a 1000 click package.

****SCAM site, use caution ****


Phishing/scam site

это лохотрон. Деньги не платит.
Да и подумайте сами, предлагает купить рекламу за 2,5 доллара за клик. И тут же платит за клик 5 долларов! Он что работает в убыток? Запомните, любой сайт, который обещает за клик по рекламе больше 2 центов – лохотрон. 1 -2 цента за клик – это экономически обоснованная цена. Всё, что больше – лохотрон.

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27 / 100

Child Safety

29 / 100