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theJoshMeisterThu Jan 15 1970
This site does not spam. skyNic cites an unreliable blacklist (see comments at ), and Creastery doesn't provide a link to support the claim about F-Secure. A Google search doesn't reveal any evidence that F-Secure ever considered a spam domain. See these other legitimate sites which skyNic and Creastery have attacked as supposed spam sites:
theJoshMeisterThu Jan 15 1970
Brigham Young University is a very reputable, highly acclaimed private university in Provo, Utah, USA. I personally know many graduates of BYU and its sister school BYU-Idaho, which also has a green rating on WOT, as does BYU-Hawaii: Additionally, I have attended BYU's Education Week more than once, and found the lectures to be very insightful and informative. I highly recommend this university and can vouch for its integrity. See also the Wikipedia article on BYU, particularly the Rankings and Alumni sections, to learn more about the excellent reputation of this school:
GeneandCarolThu Jan 15 1970
Very good site
Marked as spam. Sources of information is reliable -F-secure. With regards on the recent Swine Flu outbreak.

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