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A quick online scientific calculator as well as a rich collection of free online calculators, including mortgage, loan, BMI, ideal weight, body fat calculators and hundreds more.

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KnightHarbingerSat Jan 17 1970
Awesome awesome calculator and unit/mathematical conversions site. We can forgive the fact its coming from a New Jersey DC.
one of the best calculator website I have ever user for ALL KINDS OF calculation, from scientific, mortgage, to pregnancy calculating, you name it and can find it here!
SumeriNyanSun Jan 18 1970
Useful site for doing manual currency conversions.I use it to convert from JPY to USD using Paypal's conversion rate to get the cost of each item in orders with multiple items when buying things from Japan.
Great online calculator. It contains calculator for different fields like finance, health, maths and so on .Very useful when you are searching for an online calculator and you don't want to spend your time searching applications or other stuffs like that for it .You have it all in one single pace. Definitely recommending it ,plus you don't need to make an account to use it.
lotte.laseurSun Jan 18 1970
Really good site! No inappropriate ads included, perfect for children use!

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