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Faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. Lots of valuable information in the various sections of the website. As for the other comment, the Catholic Church teaches that the homosexual act is immoral, as it has for centuries, but it does not teach hatred against those who consider themselves homosexual. Instead, to borrow from C.S. Lewis, the Church teaches its members to love the sinner (as God does) but hate the sin. And, lest someone jump the gun and claim a false dichotomy between "Catholics" (or "Christians") and "sinners," ALL people are sinners.
Teaches to hate people who are gay.
Ads offer blessed items for sale (specifically blessed by the pope). By definition an item is NOT blessed if it is sold. Must be blessed after it is sold. Sale doesn't occur until item is received qed not real under church teachings.
It bias against gays, Who happen to be God's children as well.
If you send this site ANY emails you may find yourself on their SPAMMING list and get multiple daily emails asking for money, special offers from them and their associates (some of which you may have problems with). You might want to use the official “United States Conference of Catholic Bishops” Website for your “DAILY READINGS”
Don't worry Cheater87, we don't hate you =D
Catholic church=child molesters.
gabor.tothThu Jan 15 1970
I would't know how it would be ethical to talk about how religions - including the Catholic one is being attacked by anti-religious elements. Isn't something wrong here?
Trojans horses may attack your computer! A pop up shows up almost 50% of the time you click to read a story. Mostly it's a 'class usa' pop up .When you "x" it off the Trojan is initiated. BEWARE!!!!!!!
gabor.tothThu Jan 15 1970
It's not a religious site. Talks more about hateful things than brotherly love.

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