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CBC is Canada's national broadcaster. One of the best independent news sources (not supportive of any particular political party - unlike some American news sources).
WookieInHeatThu Jan 15 1970
CBC is known for world class TV journalism, unfortunately this reputation does not translate to their online news service. news articles are copied from other news sources (associated press, reuters, etc.) and sanitized of all information but the main point. meaning pertinent details which are covered in other media sources are often left out and only part the story is told with no context or intricacy. comments section below articles is heavily moderated, partisan moderators appear to enforce personal political views on discussions and abiding by the TOS is no guarantee your comments will be accepted. freedom of speech is not observed. for news, reuters or associated press offer the same information with greater detail. for discussion and debates, the globe and mail offers a much less totalitarian moderating scheme.
Reddog RaiderThu Jan 15 1970
One of the best & safer news websites
Jared GrayWed Jan 14 1970
Safe News Site!!..
Around 3 different 'web bugs,' that monitor a users activity while on the site, are present in each news page. Nothing is uploaded to your computer, but your activity is monitored nonetheless.
Love this site, very informative
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
4 JavaScript web bugs for tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript). Good privacy? Trustworthy? See
Safe News Site
Safe. Good old Canadian news
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