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Hate group that teaches Jewish supremacy. They practice anti-miscgenaton laws (much like the Klu Klux Klan) where Jews are not allowed to marry or even be friends with Gentiles. Also like the KKK, they teach that other races are subhuman. They teach that Gentiles only have the 3 animal souls and so can only do evil while Jews have 2 extra souls which are more noble. Also like the Klan, they teach that Jews should not mix in non-Jewish neighborhoods and redline Gentiles from getting loans in their neighborhoods.
Teaches that non-Jews are lesser peoples. a particular brand of nasty bigotry and hate. "If it were not for Jews, there would be no concept of human dignity, of meaning and purpose," a 'Jewish' soul is born into a gentile as punishment: "a Jewish soul to be born into a gentile body for a gilgul: such as for punishment," and their concept of having a special soul while gentiles only have the soul of that all animals get: "We believe that Jews have a "second" soul which enables a special connection with the Divine. " and because Jews have a more divine soul and closer relationship to YHWH gentiles are discriminated against: "It is, by the way, because of these greater expectations of G‑d upon us and the resultant stricter judgment that we are advised to discourage potential converts."
Site piraté - cracked site Médicaments contrefaits, illégaux et dangereux de spammeurs - Spammers counterfeit, dangerous and illegal meds.
Online presence of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch chassidic movement. Strictly regarding the website itself: Very professionally operated. Clean. Family friendly. Free of any malware or spam. I've tried subscribing to their mailing lists - got hit with a confirmed-opt-in challenge - this is a good thing. :) Regarding Chabad itself: Awesome organization that does a lot of awesome work.
Chabad is a wonderful website, sharing Jewish truth from an Orthodox perspective. Enjoy! :)
A great resource for Jews or just those interested in learning more about Judaism.
A great resource for those interesting in learning more about Judaism or those wishing to deepen their education.
Jews Nazi , Nazi de Judíos , Jevreji nacisti , Габрэяў нацысцкай , Židé nacistické , Євреї Нацисти , Naziste Evreii , Nazista de Judeus , Żydzi nazistowskich , Juudid natside , Jude-Nazi , Jøder nazistene , Ebrejiem nacistu , Židia nacistické.
банда жидо-сатанистов
Excellent site! Very informative with great Jewish learning tools. One of the best site's out there helping connect Jews back to their roots and making the world a better place!
A site for for contemplation and education for the whole family.
If you have a question about anything to do with Judaism, this is the palce to go for authentic answers.

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