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good site, great people
cyberwitchThu Jan 15 1970
Makes it painless to voice your opinions via thoughtful letters to politicians / business / religious leaders. Includes a profile and "wall" similar to Facebook (and FB/Twitter integration).
good site /bon site
non-profit site, freedom of speech
abroaderviewThu Jan 15 1970
Great website, we should all fight for these causes, its not about socialism or freedom, its about solving basic issues. Send this website to all your friends, tweet it, facebook it, email something!!!!
tmorgan1982Fri Jan 16 1970
All about signing petitions to voice your opinion. Good site, useful and very friendly.
anarchic teapotFri Jan 16 1970
The lack of any possibility to report abuse means that hate speech, libel, and wild fantasy infest this site. If correct this major flaw, the site may be more reliable, but currently every petition on it must be approached with caution.
Jack Hora NadirSat Jan 17 1970
"" will not remove blatant frauds from their website , see these comparison images on imageshack ... [ forged with photoshop ] [ forged with photoshop ] [ shill ] BTW "" is a for-profit "dot com" in disguise : they will promote some petitions for payment , and sell data collected, see ...
Privacy should be set to poor due to his spreading of your coordinated through the other user of the site: I now receveid a lot of unwanted mail (spam ?) about actions I never signed or asking to know. Vendor reliability should be set to unsatisfactory due to this unwanted uses of coordinates
Although this is a good site with great aspiration and cause, the instant you sign up be prepared to receive a torrent of email from other similar sites with causes. I have been swamped with email from organizations which I'd never heard of until I signed up for The majority of them are well meaning but it seems like every day I get a new one sending requests for money or support. Tread cautiously unless you want a lot of email.

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