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Niggers – Because it is a zoo out there. The world's #1 source for monkeyshines and the truth about niggers.

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chimpmania.comreviews 31
King Of SpadesFri Jan 16 1970

racist scum

enriqueguevaraFri Jan 16 1970

Sito racista.


This is so obviously negative and hateful that it needs no explanation as to why it merits such a low rating.


This is got to be by far the most informative and fun site to check up on the shenanigans of the black subspecies.

Patriotic SaviorFri Jan 16 1970

A great site filled with informative news articles typically buried by the main stream press. An excellent place to enjoy the company of fellow humans and discuss important topics about world events. A site dedicated to bringing to light scientific findings about humanity, genetics, and the history of man without liberal bias.

sendthembackFri Jan 16 1970

That site is amazing. Although finally realizing just how many innocent people are getting killed as a result of the "they are just like us" brainwashing is kinda scary. Five stars.

SuperHero58Fri Jan 16 1970

Here we go again =
Site by proxy , they are hiding someting and racist
Not a trusted site

Egyptian MyassFri Jan 16 1970

A truth filled forum warning all humans of the dangers of the beast. A must for any rational human!


Vulgar racist content. Do not visit this site!


Racist site. Most likely will only be found by those searching for racist content and those searching to be offended by it. I didn't view it, as they are all what you can expect (and I didn't feel the need to add to their hit count).

Just as a quick and simple test using various search engines (google, ddg, ixquick, yahoo, bing, blekko) this site only appeared in the top seaches using the sites name as the keyword, and the description clearly tells you that it is a racist site. Using keywords "chimps", "chimpanzees", "trayvon martin" (because one of the headline descriptions from an online news blog using "chimpmania" as my search queary mentioned this as a racist site against TM) did not yield the same results. So I'm guessing that if you arrive here, most likely that is because you wanted to. Not saying that it isn't possible to just stumble on it, anything is possible, but I have my doubts.

How did I find this site? Not the search engines I mentioned above. I found it in the WOT forums.

Hatred has been around for a VERY long time, and the fight against it just as long. Is it SO surprising that it still exists?

Let the flaming commence.


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6 / 100

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