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BlodheafodbanFri Jan 16 1970
Bunch of Chinese propaganda. Lies about "US aggression in Korea" when it was North Korea that started the war, and China who intervened to keep that horrible North Korean government in power.
LiVeRpUdLiAn932Thu Jan 15 1970
Site listed in my school's worksheets, so it should be safe, useful and informative.
lots of news, no ads, nor poopup
This site is run by the over-authoritarian monsters a.k.a the Communist regime of China who were behind the Tiananmen Square massacre which resulted in the death of multitudes of innocent college students and adults who wanted to instill a democracy in China. The Communist regime of China controls all media and will punish anyone they catch trying to expose the party's immoralities. This party is referred to as Communist, but most of the rulers are actually fascist and far, top-right-wing politicians. This party also tries to exploit the UN and other democratic organizations as well. Taiwan has been denied a UN seat several times and is still being denied to this day. The Chinese regime wants to reunify Taiwan with China under "One Country, Two Systems", but the bill is a joke because it only lasts definitely for 50 years. After 50 years, China will have the right to raid Taiwan and place it under the same, oppressive rule the Mainland has been under for so long. China is the one behind the rejections of Taiwan because it has been named one of the veto powers of the UN. If they do not agree with something a democratic country puts forth, they can immediately veto it and the bill will instantly be eradicated. I hope China will be liberated sometime in the future and the UN and the US need to stop being wimps to the CCP and stand up for democracy, no matter what kind of suppression may occur. takes over the browser with a pop-up that says "" and some Chinese characters and requires you to click "OK" to regain control of the browser. No idea what's going on with that.

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