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domains ending with "" are hosted by, a trustworthy free domain name site different sites using its service may have different privacy/safety issues, but is safe
This website is safe. It is websites using this domain name which often put this website in particular into a bad view but this website is fine.
It's a web hosting site. There may be a few bad sites being hosted, but the site overall is trustworthy.
xxFLYHIGHxxSat Jan 17 1970
Often exploited for scamming purposes, is actually a good site, and they often service those searching for a custom, free url for blogging platforms. i.e. tumblr. The site itself is not malicious, it is the scammers who use it for scamming that soil its reputation.
That's A good site . it has no malicious or scam things....................
spammed websites hitting traps JSS list
bhorton1312Sat Jan 17 1970
The domain itself is safe. Like others have said, it's just abused by some people. But you can use it to get a free domain name for things like Tumblr, Weebly, and Blogger.
This is a free domain/hosting site, commonly used for blogs and tumblr users for short, custom URLs. The site itself is quite handy, I've used it for several years to host my blogs. It's not the site itself that's bad, it's whatever potentially malicious people host on their own custom * URLs, as with any other URL site. (ex. some URLs through may be malicious or spammy, but not all URLs are bad.)
Sony Zaenuri Trisulo HerlambangSat Jan 17 1970
Great Domain for Blogspot "Blogger" is a hosting site which allows you to claim a subdomain under the domain. I have experience with this site as my tumblr blog runs under a subdomain. (My tumblr blog is The only concern about is WHAT people host on it. The website itself and most of it's subdomains do not have any harmful content, but of course, just like with all domain hosting websites, some do. The hostee itself should not be rated badly for this as they have no control over the users.

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