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This is a great site. Why would it be rated dangerous. Is that rating politically motivated?
vergeltungThu Jan 15 1970
great! This site helped me prepare for my public forum debate tomorrow!
this is a GREAT site for information. never have had a problem with common dreams
covers a wide range of subjects with bold and deep analysis.
News & views for the progressive commmunity.
wotgal1980Thu Jan 15 1970
More hate from the LEFT!
williamtyler80Thu Jan 15 1970
Communist Propaganda, You have to search very hard to find one single obscure truth.
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
Continual bashing of the "evil right," short on facts, long on innuendo.
Progressive news outlet. There are politically-charged, logically-faulty and loaded-words articles on the site, not in the titles but in the text. Not to the "propaganda" level, but still. Especially in the URL ( -- please).
Aiy.BelieveThu Jan 15 1970
Over abundance of fallacies, and loaded with communist propaganda.

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