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In some ways it's informative, but it's accuracy is low.
A terribly biased, inaccurate site that attempts to make parents feel good for not being parents. If you're a parent, and follow this, consider the following: Your job is to be a parent, make the personal decision on if you want your kid to play a game, that's your decision, not some stupid laughable website.
jamesrules90Thu Jan 15 1970
Its a safe website and can generally be trusted although it can be inaccurate saying games have things that they don't or missing big bits out.
SanguinityThu Jan 15 1970
For the primary purpose securing the innocent minds of minors from suggestive material, this wonderful blog/review website has thousands of pages of music, websites, common literature, and much more for parents to view and decide whether the content of something is appropriate for children.
Great site, safe, user-friendly, and even informative. It provides expert views on what is safe for children and what isn't in today's media (movies, games, and even the web).
OffBeatAlchemyFri Jan 16 1970
The site means well but it promotes a feeling that children should be controlled up until they're 18. Yes, being an informed parent is a good thing but the site decides how you SHOULD go about raising them as well. As with all children, they should be treated differently and a one size fits all solution never fits all solutions. If a parent was honestly concerned about the upbringing up their child, an actual conversation would work much better rather than looking up a Idiot's Guide for Parenthood.
They don't have anything good to rate. I looked for the old paper mario, they didn't have it. I looked for super mario sunshine, didn't have it. But they make sure to put the latest junk in there.
Site-raterFri Jan 16 1970
The California law they helped write has been struck down by the United States Supreme Court. Due to the nature of this ruling, I have added the "Potentially illegal" tag from the new WOT service.
FoxyLady007Fri Jan 16 1970
safe site

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