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amazing site , safe , informative
This site is fairly safe
This Site is really a good site that is why it it is called commonsense media
It is a nice site, however literally everything have a low rating.
Okay site for book, TV, game, app, and movie reviews. My only complaint is that they rate things for both artistic AND moral qualities (I think it's mostly artistic, though). For example, a teen drama laden with sex and bad language can have a 5-star rating because the acting was good, but a morally clean video game can have a 1-star rating just because the game's controls were hard to figure out. Also them warning parents that a show has "more girl characters than boy ones" or "old-fashioned gender roles" is completely unnecessary. I don't care how good or bad the acting is, I don't care about how well the game controls work; what I DO care about are the messages a TV show, video game, movie, book, or app is trying to tell me. And I think CSM is having trouble grasping that.
Manipulate information with extremist views.
Great site for seeing suitability of movies for kids. Makes choosing a kid friendly movie so easy!
Media watchdog that seems to love to dictate what people's kids do instead of encouraging parents to actually choose what they think is appropriate for their children. Also, their rating system seems to just restate exactly what the ESRB and MPAA say about it while saying that both of them are biased or paid off by the video game/film industry to give lower ratings to their content. Don't believe everything you read on this site, as they seem to have a bias of their own against any form of digital media, but that may just be my own suspicions and dislike for media watchdog organizations that seem to be overly sensitive. Also adds on completely inaccurate information about a game, TV show or movie so they can try to justify a higher rating.
Permet de savoir si tel film, jeux vidéo, série ou musique est adapté à cet age. Seul bémol : le site s'appuie sur des enfants américains et anglophones qui sont plus strictes que nous, donc un 15 ou un 16 équivaut à un 12 pour nous.
While some comments and reviews are exaggerated, overprotective, and sometimes biased, this rating system is still much more consistent and appropriate than the MPAA. In my opinion, a compromise between the two would be more suitable.
The California law they helped write has been struck down by the United States Supreme Court. Due to the nature of this ruling, I have added the "Potentially illegal" tag from the new WOT service.
It is a helpful and comprehensive resource. No review or recommendation covers everything but the site is very easy to navigate and does a very solid job. I trust it and find it quite helpful.
Great site,user friendly,informative.
This is a good Website. What shows are good for kids or not good for them. So this site is good
I love this resource because it makes the "no you can't watch THAT" less arbitrary.
For those who say that this site is advocating One Size fits all, you are grossly mistaken. The idea is to tell parents what kind of content is in media so they can make the best decision for their kids. Good site.
Common Sense is a great site for parental information as well as for teens and young adults at large. Safe Place to evaluate games, movies, and plain good advise. Check it out.

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