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crewsdues.comreviews 1

I found two unexpected charges (.95 and .95) from different companies (one being on my cc statement. I tried to find anything (confirmation email, etc.) but found nothing for either companies. I then did a websearch on each company and found websites. I was able to get the names of the websites from the "live chat" person I communicated with. Again, searched my email for anything from either of them, and again, nothing. Note: two different "companies," but one rep for the 2nd company was able to tell me about the charge for the first company. Here's what "Len" said in our chat:

you: I have 2 charges that I'm investigating: One shows as on 39.95 and the 2nd from CrewsDues for 49.95.
Len: Oh yes
Len: I do apologize about that
you: I can imagine.
Len: the 49.95 is for the bonus membership[ and i already cancelled and refunded that amount
you: I'm sure you don't care, but the sign-up process for the fist was pretty sneaky. I don't recall ever having agreed to a .95 charge — esp on a site that calls itself FreeHDGayAccess. I'll be reporting this to reputation sties on the web and anyone else I can think of.
Len: Please allow me to explain that… The free lifetime membership comes with a 2-day trial Premier Passport site.  Since the Premier Passport remained active passed the trial period, the subscription automatically converted to a full month membership.
Len: Please allow me to explain.  The reason for the 2nd and 3rd memberships is because the original membership you signed up for offered you additional bonus memberships. The default is checked and leaving that checked, the system read it as "you also wish to have a subscription to the bonus memberships.
Len: These accounts also remained active pass the trial period.  That is the reason for the 49.95 charge in your account.

Interestingly, the representative VOLUNTEERED not once but TWICE to cancel the 2nd site (crewsdues; to get rid of me, no doubt), but I wasn't happy with just that and was able to get him to refund the first site's ( charge as well. (When I requested that refund, he said that he needed to "refer that message to my supervisor," but w/in seconds, he was back with that standard "In the interest of quality customer service, my supervisor issued another courtesy refund in the amount of 39.95").

Now, I know I'm signing up for "adult sites," but other sites I've signed up for have had the honesty and integrity to acknowledge the subscription via email and not make it very difficult to figure out where the charges came from.


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