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There is no webpage and that makes it more difficult to belive that they are legitimate. I will set NoScript for this site to 'not trusted'.


I thought that I had this one previously reviewed. I am giving it a full red because it probably is tracking us. Furthermore there is no landing page so investigating it further is darn-near impossible.

Like H E Double toothpicks I am going to let something like that run in the background.



Tracking domain. I simply don't trust, it's a privacy risk


Tracks user's browsing / browsing habits / profiling



evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

See here:

Capricorn1Sat Jan 17 1970 has its domain servers at, so this is just an alternate of that site, and what you see from WOT for that site applies here.

Criteo is into heavy tracking of users across mobile, desktop and email. They are apparently very good at it. The headline of a Forbes article in Feb 10, 2016 ( ), "Adtech Company Criteo Surges, Mobile Growth Strong." In that article, "Criteo’s mobile revenue is exploding, based on its 2015 financial results issued Tuesday. The company also added 900 customers in the past quarter, reaching 10,000 accounts, and crossed the €1 billion annual revenue mark for the first time." That's 1 billion euros in revenue. Note that their "customers" are advertisers.

Also in the same article, "Criteo calls itself a 'performance marketing' company. It sells technology that automatically personalizes digital advertisements shown to consumers—by using data collected about their web browsing habits, mobile usage, and email interactions.

Yes, it correlates behavior from all three places to do so, which is big point of differentiation for the company’s newly anointed CEO Eric Eichmann. 'Consumers’ expectations for a personalized experience are going up,' he told Fortune."

If you want personalized advertisements based on tracking you pretty thoroughly, let this one through. Otherwise, don't. I won't.


It is a lot like other sites. Yes, it tracks, but so does an insurance company, your bank and every grocery store where folks shop and for discounts, carry a discount card,

Doesn't host malicious sites and has not been found to in the last 90 days. Let's stop the FUD on WOT, please.

SpammyScamHunterSat Jan 17 1970

Ad/Tracking domain

0 is apparently owned by Ascio Technologies which is a company the provides domain names stationed in Denmark. has 18 servers under different variations of such as, ns13.criteolent and others. This gives as a domain management service incredible access to allow to track users across the web that few other companies are able to do.

This places them in the deep red as a privacy risk and security risk with privacy data about not just individuals, but entire companies and industries with governmental information most likely included within their sphere of influence along with all their banks of detailed information. That not only puts it within's and Ascio Technologies reach, but withing the reach of hackers who tend to use domains to hold, access and distribute attacks and malware,but use as base of operations.

I would avoid running any of their scripts unless absolutely necessary.


Safety Rating Breakdown


47 / 100

Child Safety

37 / 100