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cts.vresp.comreviews 143
Rocky GroberThu Jan 15 1970

The issue is that this is a marketing mail site with many customers. Some are good, some are spammers or worse. The company that I am receiving mail for through is an excellent company. but, your mileage may vary.


Third party spammer that does not use double opt in permissions. Domain listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services.


I've tried to unsubscribe 3 times. They have forced me to give them a bad rating.


verschickt spam


I think I figured out why the ratings for this "site" vary widely. I received an email from the Museum of the African Diaspora and was puzzled by the yellow WOT circles. I think it is the service they are using to send out their e-news letter that is getting the poor rating. I saw a comment below that said "Spam selling Spanish property" and I thought, "Ridiculous!" But if a company sends spam using the same service as MOAD uses to send email only to subscribers, it looks like MOAD is getting a poor rating.

This seriously limits the usefulness of WOT for email links because the ratings are totally unrelated to the link.


Spam site

manictigerThu Jan 15 1970

I'm not sure how they keep bypassing my spam filter or why they are targeting me but THEY NEED TO STOP!!!


As an employee of VerticalResponse and someone who has worked in our support team dealing with legitimate spammers as well as people who legitimately send to people who optin, I can say that on a rare occasion a spammer will get through our front lines. My apologies to anyone who may have received an unwanted email from one of our customers. I personally hate spam, and for the person who says "the good comments are obviously from the spammers", um… spammers dont care what you write and wont respond.

I can say we do take every complaint seriously and make every effort to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. To go above the law, we will review all emails that are sent and do question the optin process of many customers. We have also turned down lots of money because the customer wasnt a good fit for our standards. The last thing anyone here wants is a bad reputation, and we do work hard to be a valuable tool for businesses just starting out (including providing information on how to build a responsible list and not be considered a spammer).

Wishing everyone well and good karma!


very hard to unsubscribe

mikewalker71Thu Jan 15 1970

No issues, good site, very useful.


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Good site


63 / 100

Child Safety

68 / 100