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FUD galore. Racist, doesn't check its facts, plagiarizes, is extremely politically biased, and to boot has a terrible record at Photoshopping. Check Photoshop Disasters to see what I mean; there's usually at least 1 Daily Mail image every other week or so.
computerjoeThu Jan 15 1970
Contains stories with quiet themes of racism
The content of the Daily Mail simply cannot be trusted. Stories are manipulated to suit the organisation's political agenda.
Mature content. A lot of bad influences, as it is geared towards celebrities and any intelligent person knows that these "idols" are bad news overall, conflicting with basic and sane morals and values by acting like sluts and getting promoted for it. Emphasizes on drama as if it's the core thing of life and as if knowing everything about these media-chased individuals is the absolute "must" and apparent "desire" of everyone on the planet. Money =\= happiness, neither is turning our kids and adolescents into materialistic and immoral human beings. The site itself is safe. No malware, etc. but what's taught within it, either directly or subliminally, is not appropriate for anyone.
not a reliable news source
According to the Daily Mail just about everything gives you cancer. Scaremongering nonsense.
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
Trustworthiness: Many stories are extremely biased or one-sided. How trustworthy is that?
mature content.
ProtactiniumSat Jan 17 1970
Crappy click-bait jounalism site catering to public outrage. Emphasis on celebrity gossip, rumors, and unsubstantiated stories for the purpose of provoking moral outrage and generating traffic to produce ad revenue. Poor quality reporting and obvious political bias make it an unreliable source for accurate news. Deliberate use of deceptively worded headlines to provoke emotional reactions in readers.
This site is filled with nonsense an is an insult to real journalism. Stay Away!

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