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Title: Beware of Daraz - A Scam Unveiled I recently had a harrowing experience with Daraz, an online shopping platform that has left me utterly shocked and disappointed. I ordered a graphics card, opting for Cash on Delivery (COD) for convenience. Little did I know that a member of Daraz's staff would betray customers' trust by leaking sensitive information to a third party. A few days after placing my order, I received a call from an individual armed with all the correct details about my purchase. This person claimed to be a Daraz delivery representative, assuring me that the graphics card was on its way and setting a date for payment upon delivery. Falling victim to the seemingly genuine information, I awaited the arrival of my much-anticipated package. When the delivery person finally arrived, he showcased a sealed parcel and, despite our insistence, refused to let us inspect the contents, citing Daraz's policy. The only assurance given was that we could return the product if we were unsatisfied. Trusting in the integrity of the transaction, we handed over the cash and received the parcel. Upon opening the package, we discovered not the graphics card we had ordered, but a mere multimedia speaker. Feeling cheated and betrayed, we immediately reported the incident to Daraz customer services, hoping for a resolution. Unfortunately, our hopes were in vain. Daraz's customer service, to put it bluntly, is garbage. They failed to take any substantial action against the fraud that occurred within their ranks. This ordeal has not only cost me money but also shattered my confidence in online shopping, particularly on Daraz. In light of this appalling experience, I strongly caution others against using Daraz, especially for electronic products. Their lax security measures and inadequate customer service make them a breeding ground for scams. Save yourself the trouble and frustration; think twice before ordering from Daraz. Online shopping should be a convenient and enjoyable experience, not a source of deceit and disappointment.
SKAM SKAM SKAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daraz Pakistan is good e-commerce site. Pakistan's top sellers and trustworthy.
While the website is generally okay for shopping there are certain elements that are misleading. They will have a flash sale for a set of items and when you place and order for one of the said items, the checkout cart will start to have all sorts of errors and finally the product will come out as out-of-stock. Also, there is no check-and-balance on the marketplace sellers here. Orders will keep pending for days because of a complete breakdown of communication between Daraz and the seller. They may not be shipping a product but Daraz will state that it is ready to ship. Only after 2-3 calls to their reps will the real situation come out at the expenditure of lost time \ money tied up. The site is generally suitable for children because it is a shopping website.
Good site for online shopping. The only reason I would say it is unsuitable for children is because it involves items being bought. You should probably only be on this site if you have a credit card. And children should have supervision and be told not to do anything which involves money. Free books, TV shows, etcetera are fine.

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