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Colorado.ChrisFri Jan 16 1970
This site is reported by Google as being a harmful site. Whether it is intended to be malicious or is simply a compromised site serving malware is not exactly clear at the moment. Regardless of the circumstances, AS OF NOW, this site is dangerous and should not be visited. Details:
Unless you have an adblock extension installed in your browser, you will most likely face quite annoying and offensive ads on this website. I am aware that many websites function off of ads, but some of the ads displayed are not appropriate for children.
stevesim89Thu Jan 15 1970
good site, but i prefer naver
Save and informative. They have sections for children, too.
It has a great traffic, and lots of info, but their download speeds are killing me. I need to use proxies to make them think I'm in Korea, to allow me to watch stuff. Gee.
FirePantherFri Jan 16 1970
Diese Seite gehört zu den meistbesuchtesten Seiten der Welt.
As this site is in Korean, sometimes the heading of the GET/POST HTTP requests will causing IDS's to generate events for overlong page header events etc.
Daum is a safe enough site but their scripting and poor use of Adobe Flash is more than annoying and sometimes breaks the site or promotes questionable advertising.
Overall very good and trustworthy, although I think Naver is better in many ways. It's a great alternative site.

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