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King_BradleyThu Jan 15 1970
Has some good points, but the admin bans people for petty reasons and there is too much adult content in the forums. Not a good site for children or people seeking intellectual discussion.
LivebriandThu Jan 15 1970
This is a good site for debating. I highly recommend it.
RockylightningThu Jan 15 1970
Reliable.. good site for debating.. dont listen to the noobs who say you can get banned..
I can't believe they require you to have a mobile phone to debate or vote. Never going to use this again.
You have to give your cell number and use SMS confirmation in order to sign up to this site. This costs people money, and is particularly unfair to those outside the US or without a plan. I wouldn't trust them with my number anyway since I can't know for sure whether or not they'd actually keep it confidential and not give it away to spam companies. Thanks but no thanks.
Any site which asks for personal information to sign up, least of all personal information which may be costing you money, is not trustworthy.
As long as the Terms and Conditions are followed, this site is a good way to challenge your debating skills. Also, since this is a debating website, any debate topic (No matter how mature or controversial) is allowed.
shitty website, sore of the internet.
Leugen9001Sat Jan 17 1970
This website is a good debate website. However, users are required to input their SMS numbers--or send a private message to the website's administrator--in order to vote on debates on this website; this may be a privacy concern as we do not know if the website will give out the SMS numbers to third-party companies. Also, the website may contain content unsuitable for children, as political debates can get pretty heated; the website includes user-generated content, so there may be inappropriate content on the website.
1harderthanyouthinkSat Jan 17 1970
Anyone who said that you get censored or they mods will unfairly ban are probably people who thought it was 4chan and could say any stupid thing that popped into their pea-sized brain. Also, it should be noted that mobile phones are not needed for using the site, and simply asking the moderator about it will remove the SMS from the process entirely. Honestly, I could bet anything banned members (out of control members who insulted everyone at every interval, trolls that took everything too far, etc.) are just visiting this page to downvote all of the comments saying the good and factual things about the website.

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