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SuperSluetherSat Jan 17 1970
When using privacy-protecting extensions (even ones that don't block ads) it tells you that you are using a modified game client, and they'll start permanently banning people soon.
flightisfun2001Sat Jan 17 1970
Avast jumped up and blocked some virus that tried to download from this site. Malicious, don't go here.
Spam&VirusProtectionSat Jan 17 1970
-Gaming .io (British Domain) website -Web Based Similar to other .io games, such as: OVERALL RATING 10/10 for SAFETY Conclusion: Online .io website intended for gaming.
Nice game! No bad experience. Just like , , , and!
Website wants you to disable ALL browser extensions, including security, anti-tracking, etc. claiming you have a "modified client". This leaves your browser wide-open for any attack it wants to hit you with. This is very poor policy at the very least, and HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. Being an apparently addictive game, especially for children, only raises the threat. Even if it is demanding all extensions be disabled stupidly and not maliciously, it leaves the browser open to attacks until defenses are re-enabled and therefore should be shunned.
builderpepcSun Jan 18 1970
In the past, I have received a virus from this place. It's a fun game, and I don't think the virus came from the website, but rather a user sending a virus through.
shravan.rajasekaranSun Jan 18 1970
Best .io game
sanchezkevin1717Sun Jan 18 1970
love it best .io game in the world and its SAFE!!!
natali5359Mon Jan 19 1970
cool game

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