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I couldn't move my mouse without having floating advertisements popping up everywhere on this site.
crisis.jonesFri Jan 16 1970
Rampant "click jacking" adds. Appears to be some form of Flash ad that pops under the cursor. When attempting to click the close-X on the floating ad, the input is accepted as if actually selecting the link.
The site recommends users turn off their ad-blocking software to view the site. Instant red flag that this is a malware site.
The popup count is over 9000! Seriously though, there was a video ad that kept expanding on top of the video I was trying to watch. Was fairly annoying.
outbackyakSat Jan 17 1970
Insane conspiracy theory website - every bizarre idea gets a run here. It's virulently anti-science, anti-medicine, and anti-vaccination - it's a danger to public health and safety. It also has about a billion pop-ups and it tries to hijack you through them. Avoid!
Malicious software includes 5 scripting exploit(s). Check it with google: Malicious software is hosted on 2 domain(s), including, This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS20773 (HOSTEUROPE-AS).
NøkkenbuerSat Jan 17 1970
Virulent conspiracy theory website. The "information" presented on this site is unscientific, willfully fallacious, and often unsourced or poorly substantiated with shoddy evidence. I wouldn't trust anything this site peddles.
antisemitic fallacies and wanting me to drop my adware blocker? Not a chance
web_controllerSat Jan 17 1970
UFOS, conspiracy theories and such. Doesn't have anything credible going on.
JennicaLurainaSat Jan 17 1970
There are real images of demonic activity on here, and you may leave the site with a curse or accompaniment, or just torment within you. There is a real sense of fear that shoots through you when you see an image of an actual demon, especially and particularly if it is looking at you. A stricken feeling; a shock; a sudden terror so powerful it is as though it were a blow that was physical. You may look at the image and think that it is unconvincing and not seemingly scary, but you will not be able to shake the sensation of it being real and unholy, because the spirit within you knows that it is, no matter what it looks like.

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