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dkr1.ssisurveys.comreviews 22

I was suppose to be paid for a 10 minute survey from this site.After spending more then 15 minutes on the survey I was told that I did not qualify and did not receive my money.


Very reliable survey site. I've never had any problems here.

SuperHero58Fri Jan 16 1970

Related or owned by a scam site = "

Ulla AskerothThu Jan 15 1970

intressant o bra

SportsbookerFri Jan 16 1970

NetRange –
Name LVLT-ORG-162-97
Handle NET-162-97-0-0-1
Parent NET162 (NET-162-0-0-0-0)
Net Type Direct Allocation

Browse around yourself and see what you can find, multiple handlers with no contact info available nor contact name as stated, well, other sites that are older might have an answer, but for sure 1 thing is there are multiple networks/'companies'/others
and anonymous thus far from what I know.
The above site is just a random 1 which linked automatically.

I'll be using my own, more credible to see what results can be gotten

Deividas.RudzeviciusSat Jan 17 1970

This website is a fake.

SportsbookerFri Jan 16 1970

Signed Up, partially on Purpose to find out if these survey paying sites are as hearsays portray, if not, well, great for passive income generation and i guarantee many more credible members; well, I set my own trackers and relevant software or i should i say these softwares and etc are part of my daily work, so makes no difference, but based on survey to feedback, the qns in the survey, in relation to feedback of survey gives me 1 answer, by personal analysis, non conclusive till concluded by actual trace routes or concrete factors; Personal Details/Personal Details + Your Interests, Income, Area of activity, others, being the main target for companies that relates to the info and classify as a potential customer and thats where the sales presentation would appear in 1 way or the other (Sales = The Intention of the other party).
If you receive any solicitations addressing you by terms you know will never be possible, well, publicly create something and let the internet watchdog do their job.
let me know, i'll ensure all fakes are brought down, though there may exist genuine 1s, i do not know, maybe from the 1st step, the rest will follow and such communities may surface.


This is a scam/phishing site that was found when looking for free sheet music and after three site hops. This is a bogus outfit!


spam permanent


Strona powiązana ze stroną Świat Opinii, wyświetlana po sprawdzeniu czy nie są dostępne nowe ankiety Świata Opinii. Warto od czasu, do czasu sprawdzać ręcznie, ponieważ często są ankiety nie przysyłane na stronę mailową, tzw dzienne.


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