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Dot TK is the only top level domain name registry that provides free domain names. Get your free domain name today, before it's gone.

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Useful good site!!

ComptuerGeek JoelThu Jan 15 1970

Very useful. Good for getting a free TLD without paying.

safety_is_firstThu Jan 15 1970

Used to be listed by HpHosts. Now, that was taken off of WOT, and I haven't seen any more bad ratings. I've used this site before, it's the best free short URL. I guess they decided to clean up their act.

Useful for getting a free .tk TLD for free.

pikachu000000000Thu Jan 15 1970

Rename a long address to a short .TK domain!
The problem is that you can rename ANY ADDRESS YOU WANT!!!!
(including virus sites)


"Want to own a domain name and do whatever you want? Including using it for malicious purposes – use apparently.

Nope, disgustingly, it's not a joke. Aslong as you're paying them for the domain, they apparently couldn't care less (that may not be how their e-mail to me was worded, but it's certainly what they've implied)…"

Nice site for free domain but its not for free for ever!

It's all fun and games until they drop you for no reason and your site gets redirected to a porn site….
This happened to me today, I am incredibly angry because it will not let me renew my domain and it's as if it never existed!
I have posted my domain on many sites and now I have to go everywhere to fix it to the original long link…
I will never use TK again and I am never using a free domain ever again (I also used, they vanished off the face of the earth)
I will wait until I have money to pay for a domain..

Ребята, будьте осторожны и не размещайте серьезные сайты в доменной зоне .tk
Как только Вы раскрутите свой сайт у Вас аннулируют аккаунт а вместо Вашего сайта будут редиректить на домен Обращаться в поддержку нет смысла так как не отвечают вообще.
Эксперимент повторялся несколько раз. Итог был один и тот же, тихо забанили.

Хорошая штука чтобы на всякий случай иметь резервный домен для доступа к сайту. Жаль не поддерживает субдомены.

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