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NewestOldestPopular wraps downloads in bloatware, lies about motivations


CNet is starting to place a proprietary "wrapper" around the downloads which can install additional software (toolbars) that are not part of the what the user asked for. Considering there are many software titles found on were not put there at the request of the software authors, this constitutes an ethical issue as well as a potential legal one.

A more complete write-up can be found at the ghacks and MaximumPC websites.

fuzzyvikingFri Jan 16 1970 is now wrapping downloads in "download manager" bloatware that wants to install "toolbars" and other crap on your computer. Avoid.

SanguinityThu Jan 15 1970

In all, this website is wonderful . . . however, I recently downloaded the Unregistered version of Hypercam 2, (2.14.02) and trojans were installed onto my computer, while the spyware analysis team at insisted that the download was completely safe.

That is my only complaint ▬ apart from that, this website is pretty safe.


This is CNET's which is a really wonderful site for downloading various software. However, as with any download site, use with caution for reviews can be misleading. But this site is overall safe providing safe software.


I discovered ads on the site pointing to scam websites and rogue software.


Now installs a toolbar with every download.

robert lawsonThu Jan 15 1970

most downloads are safe just make sure you scan with you anti-virus avg caught three trojans on a download.and my web search spyware diaabled my security center


Great resource for software

JeffPetersonFri Jan 16 1970 has recently started adding a "download stub" to each and every program on their site that tries to foist a bunch of 3rd party bundleware onto you. If you check out their FAQ on this, they say its all in the name of protecting you. Sorry, but it looks more to me like CNET's attempt to get into the lucrative bundling game at the expense of their less savvy users. To be fair, if you look at the tiny print under the download link, there's a link to directly download the program. Unfortunately, you have to register and be logged in to to do this. Basically they'll trade you the direct link for your personal information. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be avoiding from this point on. Discussion here:


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