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DarkMoonMareThu Jan 15 1970
Amazing fun site for children and adults alike.
Good site recomend it for any parent not wanting to buy pets for the kids quiet yet.
pokemonfan13Thu Jan 15 1970
Simple to use, nothing questionable on it. Gets kids and parents alike hooked. Completely free, so your kids won't be begging to spend real money on this online game. Overall, good clean fun. =3
Counter for the win!
KamiKazeKenjiThu Jan 15 1970
Really fun, gets you hooked!
filthy_animalThu Jan 15 1970
Good site, pretty fun!
bluntstoneThu Jan 15 1970
it is awsem
Steven_PSN-14Thu Jan 15 1970
Very nice site for fun virtual dragons. Gets you hooked!
HybridDragonThu Jan 15 1970
A child-friendly, simple and free game which can be enjoyed by all ages.
fabiofilhoThu Jan 15 1970
Otimo site para quem gosta de dragões!!!!

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