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Highly recommend this site. They make business decisions open and transparent, the staff are helpful and easily available for questions, site uptime is excellent and my paid account features work as advertised. I find them very trustworthy.
Dreamwidth, much like all blogging platforms, contains material which may be offensive to some people, typically in regards to religion and politics. However, the site itself is very trustworthy, and the staff work hard to make sure that users can trust them.
BogDeIOnisSun Jan 18 1970
Тут пока лично воздерживаюсь от оценок.Домен второго уровня,по вредоносной активности замечен не был,раздает домены третьего уровня,позиционируют с лозунгом " ваше творение с нашим управлением и конфиденциальностью".Некоторые творения на ресурсе блокируются законом на территории РФ.

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