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driverupdate.netreviews 50
fredjklein3Fri Jan 16 1970

Slick presentation – installs a "driver analyzer" on your machine then tells you to get updates. When, it's really a lure to buy their product !
Given this approach to selling, I would be very reluctant to use this vendor or any of its so-call services in the future.


Don't ever get lured by the Microsoft Gold Seal…. It inspires confidence to the novices, but hardly stands to a reputation of integrity. Slim Drivers is a hoax to lure you into bad program management. The thing downloaded (for example) an unknown sound driver called KX in replacement of a DELL onboard sound device. It does not work, undoes all your sound card settings (if you have one)… and worse removes your original sound card drivers if you try to uninstall it : worse it's nearly impossible to completely uninstall from your system and the remainining file is very resilient…Now I call that GOLD CRAP !!!! For those who know : imagine the ensuing hassle… Not to mention that other similar problems occur with this piece of…scrap.


Yeah, tried to install drivers for my printer, installed a boatload of malware, trojans, adware, etc. Whatever it was I downloaded kept trying to change my homepages, made my computer extremely slow, and I had to resort to a system restore to get rid of it despite numerous attempts at getting rid of it with multiple anti-virus software. Do NOT recommend. If you need drivers, just go to a company's website and look for them there (i.e. Epson).


got a horrible virus trying to get printer drivers from this site, i dont know how or why this site is getting positive reviews. maybe the sites owners are falsely giving good ratings. do not visit this site!!!


they say I need over a dozen drivers updated. Confirming with the manufacturer, I am up to date. Even with a manual check. I won't let a third party who can't give me correct suggestions the ability to update those incorrectly identified out of date software bits.
"Have you purchased" "To save you must Purchase NOW" are frequent statements. "[Wendy] Microsoft would never certify a questionable software ."

I don't understand why AVG would partner with them. Unless there was a hack in that looked like AVG.


Everyday, this "DriverUpdate – Drivers for Windows X" POPS UP into a new tab. It looks legitimate, but I refuse to click on the "update" selection because I have not asked for any updates. It is an unwarranted pop-up and I don't know what could be attached to it. From reviewing the other's comments here, it sounds like I am not the only one who would have an infected hard-drive, IF, I click on it. I will try to block it with WOT.


why do all the positive comments use poor english with typical chinese mistakes?? A dishonest sales trap. It's difficult to uninstall and must be done manually.

BriGuy4206Fri Jan 16 1970

Automatically brought to this site as the result of an already existing malware infection. Do not trust this site!


You are supposed to get the driver and you don't ;
they claim that they downloaded the driver into your computer but they said that the driver is not working because you have some other problems on your computer.
and to fix those other problems cost you more money.
they won't refund you.
and when you call the support line is another company that takes the call and avoids any responseability.
if you are searching for drivers don't use this site

chuggerguySat Jan 17 1970

Even if I could get past the much too large flashing "download now" animation and read the material on the site, I'd still not trust a site to do what little they do and still have the gull to price it at an exhorborant .97/year. Ridiculous.


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76 / 100

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81 / 100