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dt07.netreviews 10
semper apprehendoFri Jan 16 1970

Hard to find anything about this site, but its blocked by some Adblock Plus lists.

The domain is registered through Domains by Proxy so the owner at least wants to hide his identity.


Purely the fact that there are automated reviews posted here tells me that this is a bad site. It's going strictly on my blacklist.

SuperHero58Thu Jan 15 1970

there is no site =


Allows sites to use a proxy service.


Nothing here to harm the kids.


This site is used on
VirusTotal said that this site didn't have any problems:


Nothing wrong here.


Нормальные сайт, читаю всегда на английском и перехожу по новостям, можно сказать учу по нему английский

mikecorbeilSat Jan 17 1970

I'll vote "Positive / Neutral", for either the website,, seems to not exist, as another MyWot user already posted, or it's just WoT that's preventing the website from loading after I said to le me go to the website. But, another reason for the choice of vote is because of not getting any negative reports from the following testers:

McAfee Threat Center,

Norton Safe Web,

Trendmicro Safety Center,,, where the last analysis was performed on February 26th

Zulu URL Risk Analyzer,

The Zulu report for the analysis it just performed on is at the following url. I don't know if the url will be good for long, but loading it in a separate tab in Firefox and then in Opera produces pages for the same report.

Trying to have do the analysis again, rather than just checking the report from an analysis someone ran last week, has an unusual effect. It causes redirection to, rather than just scanning the website and then presenting the resulting report. The same thing happens when I try to use Comodo's tester, which used to be at but it now redirects to the following url:

Actually, while is loaded in both cases, this is with my main Firefox profile for which plenty of extensions/add-ons are installed and perhaps one or more of them are causing the problem; because, trying Opera, it works correctly.

Here's the link for the report of results from the Comodo analysis I just ran using Opera and it says safe, plus "No malicious activity or malware detected" and more details :

According to the following article, Comodo's website inspector can take a while to run because it performs "an in-depth real-time analysis of the site to check for any possibly malicious content":

"How to Tell If A Website Is Dangerous",
Updated 9. June 2014 – 15:34 by Chiron,

In-depth analysis is what's needed. Reputation is about opinions, whereas reports from in-depth malware analyses of websites has nothing to do with opinions or certainly isn't, shouldn't be anyway, significantly based on opinions. It should be real scanning for potential malware. AdBlock Plus can be used for blocking ads and, if not mistaken, also pop-ups.

When Virustotal and Comodo's inspector while using Firefox redirected for loading, Firefox didn't report that the website is untrusted, so there's also this additional check, even if it's unintentional for the browser user.

So, my vote of "Positive / Neutral" really is for neutral, but should split positive and neutral, or create a "Neutral", "I don't know" or "Unsure" option; separately. These votes shouldn't cause WoT to block the loading of Web domains.

And why is quoting user comments when it's already clear that these are user comments, rather than content from I've never seen any other website placing quotes around a commentator's comments, except for excerpts or citations.

AlainG80..Sun Jan 18 1970

Unlike,,, and this site wasn't compromised.
Unlike the list above dt07.nt uses nginx, a reverse proxy which is used to increase performance by caching websites. It will not cache executables by default, nginx has external semi-hiddeb links that contains cachable items like javascript.

Risks of javascript includes ads and privacy risks.

The review tools below do not scan hidden links, the commenters should inspect the html source to find those.
I would not enable javascript for this site, the nginx itself is safe, but be cautious which hidden javascript files you open. So whether you can trust it depends on the site you visited and the particular script.



Safety Rating Breakdown


50 / 100

Child Safety

44 / 100