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CrypticChaosSat Jan 17 1970
Ads and Pop-ups even with Ad Block Plus
It has some ads and also some pop ups that make the videos nonstop buffer
Austin.TomaszewskiSun Jan 18 1970
It binds up ads on new tabs that are malicious.
simplepotetMon Jan 19 1970
Solely as a website - is completely safe . But, that is ONLY the website, the ads and redirection it does perform CAN BE MALICIOUS! For one it keeps trying to redirect me to Which is adware. As long as you have REAL-TIME PROTECTION or you can close tabs before they load, YOU ARE OKAY! It also opens tabs which load and then suddenly close? They seem to be alright though seen as my virus and malware scans come up with nothing. Make sure to be careful when using and schedule some virus and malware scans once your done. Just to be safe.
safe . . .
ArmourOfFaithSun Jan 18 1970
Way too many ads that are highly inappropriate. Probably full of virus/malware as well. is a great site for all Anime lovers. You can read great reviews and chat with other members about your favorite episodes. is a nice site and a like reading the content there, but it has a lot of adds and pop-ups that are questionable.

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