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Find sheds, greenhouses, log cabins, garden offices, climbing frames and more with Dunster House, one of the UK's leading suppliers of garden buildings.

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dieseltaylorFri Jan 16 1970

The company has a customer service department that accepts no telephone calls and will deal only with problems of the trivial to the major by e-mail . All other departments are not interested once thye have taken payment.

Despite promised prompt responses my own experience, and those of other customers on the Web, is that e-mails are unacknowledged and I am here three days later having sent three e-mails with no response whatsoever.

The problem is done to them delivering only the major part of a log-cabin and not letting on that a vital part was missing. The lorry manifest shown to me at the end showed neither the loader or checker had signed for the parts on-board. – it was suggested to me that the vital timbers were already off-loaded. Believe me having to stoe several hundred pieces of wood safe from rain is no joke. Until the missing pieces arrive it cannot be built.. In the face of no response I am sending a letter giving them a week to supply the parts or under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 I will be seeking a full refund.

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