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Dyn is the world leader in enterprise managed/outsourced DNS. With traffic management, load balancing and 100% uptime, uptime is the bottom line.

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Spammer : send unsolicited emails to non optin addresses
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spammed websites hitting traps JSS list
Dr.HorribleSat Jan 17 1970
Занимаются рассылкой спама на электронные ящики. is a domain belonging to, which is used to support their email marketing services. Messages sent on behalf of Dyn's email marketing service may be sent through subdomains of Most Dynect customers are probably legitimate. However, Dyn appears to send mail on behalf of, an email marketing business that apparently sends large quantities of unsolicited mail containing syndicated marketing links.
GregretrobotSat Jan 17 1970
Dynamic DNS service used by MANY corporations and organizations. It does appear some companies are using it for email marketing trackbacks (greyhat spam, perhaps), but as the service is not free (and in fact is somewhat expensive) this is not a site that will be utilized by blackhat spammers and malware authors.
Yet another scammer & spammer, stay away from these SOBs !
The domain is owned and operated by a trustworthy organisation. However, this domain is also used for nameservers of websites not operated by Dyn so therefore content may exist on these servers that is abusive.
Unsolicited spam on a non opt-in email address.
Sends out unsolicited emails and newsletters. Server/domain is used for spamming.

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