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One of the best rom sites. However one should use caution when downloading games, if there is anything suspicious (File size, etc) don't download it. Pretty much a rule for downloading anything, on any other website.
dandee jonesFri Jan 16 1970
i type the code in and it wont let my download so with that issue the site is crap
darksoulmanFri Jan 16 1970
This site gives me the best games and emulators!!! i wouldn't go anywhere else for games or emulator!!!
According to Nintendo's FAQ, this site is illegal as it distributes ROMS for free of Nintendo and other's games. If you have downloaded stuff from these sites, delete them immediately!
excellent site to download old roms :) i'd highly recommend this site to anybody who's an emu nerd ;)
Diddy'sKongQuestFri Jan 16 1970
Emuparadise is such an awesome website. I use it all the damn time. Great place to get ISOs an ROMs. I've been using this site for quite some time now, I have never gotten malware. That does not mean all the files are safe. As with every site, always scan your downloads. I highly suggest you visit this site for every ROM or ISO you need. And, as always, scan your downloads. If you feel uneasy about a download, then don't download it. I trust this site 100%.
Website that distributes old video game ROMs and ISOs which are legal to use as long as you have the real copy. Downloads are safe and in no way malicious, owner of the site seems to be honest and open about the things and the site is overall absolutely amazing!
Notmy.RealnameSat Jan 17 1970
Best ROM site ever. Does not flood with popups. Does not shove premium in your face at every turn. Does not display big red boxes telling you you're using an ad blocker if you are. In fact, free users even get full download speed! Even though premium users still have higher priority, this still means that on average, your download speed will be much higher than the usual 250 or 150 kb/s limits, and off-peak can be several mb/s. Especially great for downloading larger GC or Wii roms. Overall, great experience. The only thing lacking is a more comprehensive library for more recent consoles - but if you're looking for handheld or older games, you can be almost sure to find it what you want.
Seit 2 Jahren nutze ich diese Seite mit grosser Zufriedenheit. Die Auswahl an Dateien ist gross die Qualität gut.Nie hatte ich bei meinen Downloads unerwünschtes Beiwerk oder gar Schädlinge. Würden alle Betreiber ihre Seiten so führen, hätten wir das ideale Internet.
Safe site that is used to download roms to use on a emulator.

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