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en.savefrom.netreviews 10
managua2004Fri Jan 16 1970

сайт просто супер

wartoothtokiFri Jan 16 1970

Good Site!


The website is identified by 2 scanning engines, make sure to check the analysis report of the scanning engines to know why.
Safety Reputation 2/29
Domain 1st Registered 2008-03-12 (7 years ago)
Server Location Flag (GB) United Kingdom
AF4AB32E4814F3384163152E12202463 NL HTML/Rce.Gen
Alert: Suspicious Content Detected On This Website!
Suspicious files: 1
Potentially Suspicious files: 1

crystalyeea72Sat Jan 17 1970

its useful but its suspicious for malwares and viruses

mistacleanSat Jan 17 1970

Downloaded this software and AVG flagged it as a threat.

Uses "OpenCandy" software.

The following is from the AVG website concerning this download:

Rank this week: Nº 11
Websites affected: 18
Users affected: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Affected Operating Systems: All Windows OS

OpenCandy Summary
"OpenCandy is a software that installs an additional program to display and/or download to your device unwanted advertisements, toolbars and may be considered privacy-invasive. These kinds of threats, called Adware, track your computer's web usage to feed you undesired ad pop-ups and some might even hijack your browser start or search pages, redirecting you to a different site or search engine than the one you had originally configured."


By the time of this writing,this site has been proven trustworthy so far.

I have downloaded webms from youtube through this site countless times.No viruses.

Its the old ssyoutube

Magnum1370Sat Jan 17 1970

Good site – This site is good for downloading videos and music from youtube & other sites. Using it for commercial purposes & copyrighted items is illegal.
Other – Some of the items on some sites (i.e. Youtube etc.) May contain content inappropriate or offend some people
Suspicious – Some the items may contain viruses and/or malware. Run a scan with BOTH Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware software to make the files are free of viruses.

muhammedsalSat Jan 17 1970

very nice website trusty trusty

naruto0150Sat Jan 17 1970

sometimes it shows more ads but stil i like it

James.TongSun Jan 18 1970

this was scanned by google chrome, this is malware


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOther


89 / 100

Child Safety

89 / 100