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Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
New domain for harassment and libel website Encyclopedia Dramatica. Hides behind hidden WHOIS and Cloudflare (the latter of which may protect them from abuse claims).
Experience is stupid popups and near porn with regards to a woman activist. I may come back and rate down if I find anything else.
The site itself does not promote doxing or other harmful activities, as it is just an archival wiki with a comedic, cynical twist. It's a good place to explain the sketchy antics of many types of people, sometimes even just objects, websites, or groups of people. A fun place to research (online drama) topics if you aren't a coward. It is more creative than Leafyishere and is obviously satire, while people took Leafy seriously. Then again, Bluecatriolu and the person below take this site seriously, so there's that, but still: anybody who actually thinks about it knows this site is just satire with the main purpose of archiving information with a funny dramatic twist. Some of the articles are not well researched, however. Their article on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain for example. Considering the fact that Nirvana was huge, and appealed to the Encyclopedia Dramatica outcast crowd, they should know WAY more than they do.
Tealdragon204Sun Jan 18 1970
It's humorous and it is an expression of free speech and is 100% satirical. Just stay away from the "offended" page, it's where all the gruesome or shocking things come up, otherwise, controversial topics and adult content are indeed frequent. It does not discriminate, it hates all people equally.
They dox people and list their home addresses. They laugh and encourage violence to those who show concern about it. Site should be taken down, but they keep moving their servers around overseas.
mrforce101112Sun Jan 18 1970
this site is cancer. just joking cancer is no joke but this website is full of malware Jan 18 1970
Discriminatory, racist and abusive. Stay away from this site, especially if you have children who can read. This place is sick-o.
TotoDude1902Sun Jan 18 1970
It's teh best site evar
johnpiercefrankoSun Jan 18 1970
This website poses a serious threat to your privacy """"Inherent in the architecture of is the ability to leave comments. Should you choose to do so, your name, e-mail, and other information voluntarily presented will be publicly posted. By use of this system, you indemnify of any harm or action that results from your voluntary publication of said information. Our servers may record the numerical Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using; the browser software you use and your operating system; the date and time you access our site; and the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site. By use of this system you consent to such recordings. We reserve the right to use this information for any internal use whatsoever. This may include but not limited to statistical analysis, design considerations, and comment tracking. This information may be connected to the username provided for internal use."""" """Should you choose to present your e-mail address, physical home address, telephone number, full name or other personally identifying information to us by any means whatsoever, we reserve the right to publish said personal information in whole or in part. Should you choose to contact any member of by any communication means, we reserve the right to publish the conversation, in whole or in part, if we see fit to do so. Any and all e-mails may also be published in whole or in part. By communicating with, you consent to said publication and acknowledge you have no expectation of privacy. If for any reason we are required by law to disclose any information whatsoever, we fully reserve the right to do so. Please refer to the legal statement for further information."""" Tl;dr this website spies on users. There have been many people who used this website (and even some people who haven't) who have been doxed (the revealing of someone's personal information) and all their laundry was posted publicly either on the forums or on the sites wiki for the whole world to see. These people will ruin your life, so use this site carefully. Another problem is shocking or gruesome content. This is an especially persistent problem on the wiki, so much to where it's gotten the website labelled as a "shock site" by Wikipedia. The website used to be owned by a man named Brian Zaiger, who filled with website with all sorts of various porno ads and ads that give you viruses, which pocketed him more money as you clicked away 10 ads every time you clicked anywhere on the web page which even got encyclopedia dramatica under spam blacklists. He then used this money on his drink and alcohol addiction. Safely to say, the website no longer has these virus ridden pop up ads, but that doesn't mean the site is safe to use.
NachoPiggySun Jan 18 1970
Very edgy parody website, completely politically incorrect with many racism, sexism and anything in-between. Nothing directly malicious but some links and sites can be shocking and some personal information are stored.

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