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Energy Saver Pro е лесен за употреба уред за пестене на ток. Спестявай до 75% от месечната сметка за ток.

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energysaver-pro.comreviews 6

Μακρυά, λέτε μια τόσο χαζή συσκευή να ξεγελά το ρολόι της ΔΕΗ και η ΔΕΗ δεν θα έκανε τίποτα για τα λεφτά που θα έχανε.


Scam product. It's impossible for some stupid box to magically make power usage lower. If device requires 500W to operate, there is no way to make the usage lower, unless if you replace the device with a more efficient one. Physics one on one.

If you want to save power, buy more efficient devices when old ones break down, make sure refrigeration appliances have good circulation around the back where the radiator grills are, replace normal bulbs with CCFL and LED lights where they are ON for long hours etc. That's how you save power and money, not with such scam gadgets.

Zavodjenje.comSat Jan 17 1970

prevara 😛 lazni proizvod, lazni facebook komentari i tako to.,..

EffedielleSat Jan 17 1970

Victims of an "energy saving" device scam are being targeted for a second time with bogus offers of compensation.

9 settembre 2014
Energy Saver Pro sanzionata per 30.000 euro

La sua pubblicità vantava di ridurre il consumo di energia elettrica del 75%, semplicemente inserendolo in una presa elettrica. Peccato che l'Energy Saver Pro fosse l'ennesima e inutile bufala. Dopo la nostra segnalazione, l'Antitrust ha sanzionato l'azienda per pratiche commerciali scorrette.


Po prostu oszustwo – takie cuda nie istnieja!!!


Scam, phishing, browser exploit, no SSL, no ToS, no contact info, no abou us, no privacy, fake reviews.


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6 / 100

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13 / 100